A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Why Construction?

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of New York State has a page that talks about why you might consider a job in the construction industry.  They list several key points that might be of interest to you if construction is on your list of possible careers.

  • Construction projects in the United States which build schools, hospitals, bridges and roads all stay here and cannot be sent overseas.
  • In recent years, the United States has added more than $600 billion worth of new construction projects per year such as new hospitals, schools, highways, bridges, homes, office buildings, stores, etc.  This represents 10% of America's Gross Domestic Product.
  • The construction industry has traditionally ranked among the top 10 largest sources of employment growth in our country.  More and more new craftspeople will be needed each year to keep up with the growing demand.
  • The construction workforce is aging (the average age is 47 years), so there will soon be more jobs for students graduating now and in the future.
  • Second only to all government employees including the armed forces, the construction industry is the second largest employer in the US.
  • There are career advancement opportunities for motivated graduates.
  • When deciding on a construction career, you can choose whether you prefer to work inside, outside or both.

Additionally they provide lists of resources that teachers and parents can use to discuss the construction industry and its future in your life.

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