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Skills Portion of National Craft Championships Officially Commences

The lunch whistle has sounded at ABC's 2015 National Craft Championship, signaling to craft professionals that it is time safely secure their workstations and proceed to lunch.

This morning, a similar whistle sounded, signaling the beginning of the skills portion of the craft competition. Within moments, the quiet focus and anticipation felt in the Grand Hall was overcome by organized commotion. Saws began to buzz. Hammers went to work. The smell of fresh cut wood accompanied fleeting whiffs of welding fumes.

Truly a spectacular transformation.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be here covering this event, and as I walk around observing the competitors, I am awestruck at the amount of precision and attention to detail required to be successful at these trades. The craftspeople that have made it to this event are seriously skilled.

Special shout-out to our sponsors S&B Engineers and Constructors and ISC and to their competitors John Lacasse, a pipefitter, and Gerald Vick, an instrument fitter: Good luck! Do well!

Best of luck to the competitors, Brandon Moore, a structural welder, and Randall Kubin, an insulator, sponsored by ABC Greater Houston chapter as well!

Follow the event on Twitter: #ChooseConstruction and #NCC15​.

Gerald Vick, an instrument fitter from ISC

John Lacasse, a pipefitter from S&B Engineers and Constructors

Randall Kubin, an insulator sponsored by ABC Houston

Brandon Moore, a structural welder sponsored by ABC Houston