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What’s in a Drywaller’s Bucket?

My architectural colleague, Bob Borson, is an architect and blogger in Dallas.  He “pens” a blog site called Life of an Architect.  I read each and every one of his blogs since he writes about subjects that any of us who are architects or who are in the construction industry will find interesting.

This week’s subject is an extension of the series of Bags that he started by showing everything he carries in his messenger bag.  His list ranged from the sublime to the truly useful and even some items that I use from time to time like graphite pencils and sketch paper.

This week he does a very structured layout of the items that can be found in the typical drywaller’s bucket.  The bucket is essential because the drywall contractor’s tools would destroy a messenger bag in a few days.

For my clients and friends who hang drywall every day, this will be old hat, but for the readers of Construction Citizen this article should make you a little more knowledgeable about the industry and the tools of this trade.

Hey, maybe we can persuade Bob to become a new blogger for Construction citizen!


Terry Holcombe's picture

This looks like a good starter bucket for a residential Drywaller! There is another kind of Drywaller out there as well it is a commercial Drywaller that does all buildings not just residential. He would have most everything this guy has but a few more items like corded & cordless hanging screw gun, cordless impact screw gun instead of cordless drill. Framing squares like speed squares and 2' square, circle cutter, reg. hammer, 4' level, plumb bob, plumb pointer, laser chalk line, C-clamps (large & Small), gloves, Kevlar sleeves, hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, steel toed boots, knee pads just to name a few! P.S. don't forget about the BIGGER bucket to put it all in. Thanks.

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