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What is your Drone Elevation?

There is little question that drones are already changing the way we live. If retailers like Walmart and Amazon have their way, the change will accelerate over the next few years. There are manufacturers who are developing and testing passenger drones that will have the capability of transporting passengers above the congested freeways in our major cities.

Uber has suggested that they will invest in passenger drones just as they already are investing in “smart” autonomous vehicles that ply the “smart” freeways in “smart” cities around the world.

DeZeen, a London-based design magazine, is in production on a documentary that will describe the “possible ways” that drones are changing the way we live in the future. The final cut will be released in May of 2018 and will include interviews with some of the most outstanding designers currently working in and projecting the future of the newest drones in cities around the globe.

The documentary carries the title of “Elevation” and you can watch the trailer below: 

We would like to hear your comments on this one, and I know that we both will look forward to seeing the final cut of “Elevation.”