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We’ve Got the “Top Gun" Best of the Best!

Hi there.  The Chamberlin Man here.

When you have an MVP on your team, you win.  That’s why we’re especially proud to call Chamberlin Roofing Superintendent Curtis Purvis one of our very own.

At the recent National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) annual convention, Curtis was named one of the Roofing Industry’s MVPs.  As if that wasn’t exciting enough, he also took home the industry’s top honor – the “Best of the Best” MVP award.  To be clear, the Best of the Best award is given to only one professional in the country.  Our guy, Curtis, was named the “top gun” of our industry.  Pretty nifty!

Curtis is truly a role model who demonstrates work-related and personal goals to which others aspire.  That’s what being an MVP is all about.

Curtis was kind enough to share the spotlight with a couple other exciting wins for Chamberlin as a whole.  The company received two Gold Circle awards, both for our work at Dallas Love Field.  We received an honorable mention in Outstanding Workmanship, Low Slope category and also the highly sought after Gold Circle Safety Award.  As the only winner for safety, we’re especially proud of being recognized for an accident-free project where public protection challenges were in the forefront of the job elements and dominated the scope of work.  To be recognized for creative safety solutions and implementation of safety procedures is especially rewarding.  Managing safety is the most important job we do.

Needless to say, the NRCA conference presented the Chamberlin crew with an exciting few days.  As always, we’ll take the recognition and turn it into inspiration to reach the next level.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.