A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

We Can't Bid on Your Work

...we couldn't find the skilled workforce to do it if we were to win the bid! 

This might sound ludicrous today in the middle of the recession, but in the not too distant future it might become a reality if the Construction User’s Rountable (CURT) is right.

According to a study currently underway for the Industry at the Construction Workforce Development Center,

“The outlook for industrial construction signals at least another decade of growth and prosperity.  Yet the demand for skilled labor is increasing more rapidly than the supply. Craft workers are retiring and efforts to recruit new workers are hampered by a lack of understanding of current craft career opportunities.

More than 95,000 new craft workers will be needed each year over the next decade to replace those leaving the industry.  Is industry prepared to address these converging challenges?”

Most construction firms are currently searching for new business or relying on the expansion of their other lines of business such as service and repair to carry them over until the market strengthens. Several firms are laying the groundwork to make for certain that they are not saying to prospective clients, “We can’t bid on your job.”

What is your firm doing to avoid that dilemma?

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