A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

We All Take Different Paths

Over the last few months, Chuck and I have shared with you the amazing progress we have seen some companies make on their craft training program creation. Most of these companies have leveraged C3's consulting services to help facilitate and document the creation of competency maps that can be utilized for delivery and tracking of on-the-job training and evaluation for promotion along the career path. Working with superintendents and operations personnel, C3 can help to build a program that matches the needs of the company.

But what about companies that really want to do it all themselves? C3 Accredited Employer, Bundren Painting and Drywall did just that. Leveraging C3 for an initial consulting session, accessing templates supplied by C3, and then building to match their company’s current and future demands, Bundren built a program that helped them “level set” all incumbent workers and create competency standards for new employees as they joined.

Michael Fiorenza, Bundren’s Chief of Operations, wasn't an expert in training or curriculum design when he began the journey to develop training for the company. He was, however, committed to "consistently adapting, overcoming obstacles, assessing the pros and cons of what we were going to implement, and reinforcing our core intention of having the best trained, most capable professional employees and craftworkers who go home safe to their families every night knowing they are part of something bigger and that they have a career with Bundren." This was a year-long process that engaged their manufacturers as partners, cataloged skills needed by craft professionals, and encouraged quality and production among their crews. Like other companies who have been working on craft training programs, Bundren created something that added great value to their company.

Developing craft training is the key to a sustainable workforce, and it does not matter if you develop that fully in tandem with C3 consultants or build it on your own. The key is to build something that creates highly skilled craft professionals and elevates your company and our industry.

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