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Construction is Not the Only Industry Undermined By Wage Theft

There are many stories in the big city about wage theft from construction laborers, independent contractors and free lancers.  An article on the opinion page of the New York Times does a great job of showing the differences and the possible outcomes from the legal actions being undertaken by three individuals who have suffered from wage theft.  Coming from three entirely different vocations, a construction worker, a computer consultant and a freelance writer all share the common experience of dealing with employers who routinely fail to pay their wages as promised.

The article expressed doubt that New York’s newest Wage Theft Prevention law would be of much help to these three particular individuals, but mentions another bill pending in that state identified as the “deadbeat clients bill” which would grant the state Department of Labor the authority to investigate cases of wage theft against independent contractors.

As public awareness of wage theft increases, new laws are enacted, and agencies step up enforcement of wage theft regulations, we hope to see solutions to the issue over time in our business.


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really sad to know... but like hard labor of construction, it's the hard truth..
A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

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