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Twisted Towers Two: Diamond Tower

We have posted articles on the “twisted towers” that demonstrate the outstanding engineering and construction capabilities of today. Now the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat or CBTUH has compiled a database of some really twisted tall buildings with detailed statistics for each of them that include the normal height, floors and the degree of twist for all of the “twisted buildings” around the globe.

We found it most interesting that over the next 5 years a total of 179 “twisted” buildings will be completed. The data shows that most of those buildings will take between 4 and 6.5 years to build. If you assume that it took 2-3 years to design, then a number of them were planned in the economic slowdown and are just now becoming a reality.

The “most twisted tower” underway today is the Diamond Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is a 432-meter tall, 93-floor residential tower that is planned for completion in 2019. It is planned to contain 300 residential units. This tower twists a total of 360 degrees from the ground to the top floor, a record to date.

Of the list of 30 twisted towers on the current list, only two of them are being built in the US. Both are 24 floor residential towers located in Miami at the Grove at Grand Bay. According to the sales site, the units range in size from 1,194 sf to 5692 sf and are priced at $3 – 5 million or and average of $1,152 per square foot. -Take a look at the list and the views.

While you are at it, give some thought to doing a virtual reality tour of the buildings and particular units that are available. I expect that several of marketing and sales teams are already using VR for their sales.