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A Truly Stellar Project

Hi there. The Chamberlin Man here.

You know every project we take on at Chamberlin is important, but we have to admit some just have “star” quality. Going to work each day at The Star complex, a 91-acre campus in Frisco, Texas, that is home to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and training facilities was, indeed, stellar.

The campus includes The Ford Center, a state-of-the-art, 510,000-square-foot indoor training center with office space, a practice field and a hydrotherapy center. It also features two outdoor training fields and two parking garage structures. I must say, the place is quite a sight.

To say Chamberlin’s scope of work on the campus covered a lot of ground is an understatement. When all was said and done, Chamberlin crews sprayed 320,000 square feet of air barrier, laid 215,000 square feet of hot fluid waterproofing, applied 200,000 linear feet of sealants and coated the facilities with 125,000 square feet of sealer. The team also installed water repellants, firestopping, expansion joints, sheet metal flashing and pavers. Whew! That's a mouthful!

At the end of the day, it took a large team of dedicated experts and 16 months to complete. Of course, the project specifications don’t tell the whole story. The most impressive and interesting parts of the story are in the details of how it unfolded. The story involves problem solving, creative design and some unusual circumstances that popped up along the way. Now, I admit, I am holding back a little. Intrigued? Click here to read more.

If you want the whole dish, check out Chamberlin’s latest newsletter. The cover story tells the tale from start to finish. You will also get the skinny on energy performance assessment and improvement in buildings and get to know one of Chamberlin’s fine folks a little better. Read it. It’s another good one.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.