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Top Jobs in US Include Many in Construction, But Recruitment Remains Key

The top 25 best jobs in the United States include nine careers in the construction industry, according to the career site Indeed.com

Commercial Project Manager was number one on the list, which was determined through a variety of factors including a base salary of at least $75,000 a year coupled with opportunities for advancement in each position. 

The health care and tech industries were also well-represented (tech had the second most positions on the list), but as the folks at Indeed put it, it's “construction time again.”

"Not only are construction jobs booming, but many of them are making their debut on our best jobs list," Indeed said in a post.

With more jobs on the list than any industry, Indeed Chief Economist Jed Kolko said what’s happening in construction is “part of a wider trend: the construction sector, along with mining, has seen the fastest job growth year over year as of this past December.”

“Construction spending is soaring and three-quarters of employers in the sector reported plans to add staff in 2018,“ Kolko said. “Office construction in particular—largely moribund since the recession—is experiencing a revival.”

More from Indeed: 

Who can do these jobs? Managerial level construction jobs vary when it comes to education requirements. Many companies preferring at minimum a bachelor’s degree in a construction-related field or equivalent experience working in construction. However, some jobs require only a high school diploma plus experience. 

Despite the popularity of construction jobs in this list, here's a key takeaway: 

One concern for the construction industry? Indeed research shows that construction searches are actually trending downward—so employers will need to be proactive when it comes to sourcing the talent they need.

The other construction jobs on the online employment search site's list are:

preconstruction manager (No. 5),
construction superintendent (6),
chief estimator (9),
construction estimator (12),
plumbing engineer (14),
project superintendent (15),
construction manager (19) and
project architect (20).

The full list is here