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Texas Seeks Solution to Skilled Workforce Shortage

The State of Texas has created a new body, the Commission on Texas Workforce of the Future, to recommend legislation for submission during the next legislative session in 2021 to alleviate the skilled workforce shortage in the state.  Andrew Schneider of Houston Public Media reported:

“Texas has a shortage of skilled trades workers.  The new law sets up a commission to study what changes schools and businesses must make to close that gap.  Taylor Landin, senior vice president for public policy at the Greater Houston Partnership, compares it to the multiyear effort to fix public school finance.”

Landin told Schneider:

“The school finance package that came together was a direct result of the Commission on Public School Finance that was put together before the session that just concluded.  And many of those recommendations from that commission ended up in the final school finance package.  So, this is exactly the same model that we are looking for to undertake related to workforce development.”

You may listen to the story which aired on KUHT News 88.7 by clicking on the link below: