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Tax Day In America

Today was Tax Day for millions of Americans, but not for some in our industry.  The current situation with our broken immigration system and the smuggling of workers into the country across our open borders; the “cash” and underground economy in the construction industry; and those contractors and owners who tolerate and turn a “blind eye” to the misclassification and wage theft happening on the construction sites of their buildings have created a situation where the tension in the industry and in the economy is rising to a boiling point.

This week, thousands of construction workers will be paid as independent contractors and in the process, their bosses will avoid reporting or paying any taxes on their behalf.  They in turn, will pay no federal income taxes.  In a number of cases, those contractors paying cash will even refuse to pay the workers even the monies that they are due, not to mention the taxes that should be withheld, reported and paid.  

Isn’t it about time that the leaders of our industry wake up to this situation?  Isn’t it about time that the owners, clients, bankers and institutions demand that this situation stop?  Let’s make a promise to the industry that today, on tax day, we will make the decision that will change the industry, and will lay the foundation for a robust construction industry for the next 20 years.

Isn’t it time that you joined with other “Construction Citizens” contractors and specialty sub-contractors to make the industry what our fathers and their fathers thought it should be?  Do it today – do it now.  Become a responsible, aware construction industry professional dedicated to making the industry and your firm the best we can be.

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