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Take a Look-See at That Little Line

Hi there. The Chamberlin Man here.

You’ve probably noticed Chamberlin’s quarterly news features a fairly standard set of content. Front and center you’ll find a story covering one of our recent projects, offering examples of our solution mindset and teamwork. See our latest, Frost Bank in San Antonio, TX, in the photo on the right and in our story on our website.

Second, we always have a guest columnist share their perspective on building envelope solutions that offers valuable insight for our client readers. Check out this issue’s piece by Phil Dregger on the importance of roof maintenance – and the disastrous effects not maintaining your roof properly can have.

And though it’s not necessarily standard, it has become quite frequent that our newsletter features industry honors our company or individuals on our team have received. We never intend to boast, that’s just not Chamberlin’s style. We share this information because we want you to know we walk our talk. To that end, we always close out our newsletter with a listing of projects in progress so you can see the kind of work we do. Not just what we say we do, but what we’re doing right now.

Now, let me ask you this. Have you ever noticed the line of affiliates along the bottom of pages two and three? Take a look when you get your summer issue. These aren’t just organizations to which Chamberlin pays dues. These are organizations in which Chamberlin is an active, contributing member. Inside these organizations our team connects with colleagues and clients, gains pertinent knowledge, and gives back to the industry and our communities.

That little line is a big deal to us. So we wanted to be sure you didn’t miss it. Take a look at those logos. They’ll tell you something about Chamberlin.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.