A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Strengthening the Safe, Skilled, and Sustainable Craft Workforce

When you signed up to participate with Construction Career Collaborative (C3), it might have been because of a contract you had won, or maybe a peer told you about the program and you joined because you want to be part of the workforce solution or maybe you aren't sure how you ended up being part of C3. No matter what reason brought you to us, we want you to be aware of the mission, and how you support it, and how it works for you. So as we start this series on how C3's mission is making an impact in the industry, we should probably share that very mission first.

C3 mission:
As an interdependent alliance of construction industry leaders, we are collectively committed to positively impacting the future of the industry by strengthening the safe, skilled, and sustainable craft workforce pipeline.

Construction Career Collaborative is truly a collaboration of many players who are working to create a better future for our industry. We are committed to the craft workforce. We realize that our workforce must be fed by a long-term sustainable talent pipeline, and are dedicated to strengthening the pool of safe and skilled craft professionals available to us.

That means we are working every day to ensure that our industry continues to have qualified, skilled, and safe craft professionals. The Associated General Contractors of America surveys contractors every year to ask about workforce issues, They consistently find that a top concern is a shortage of qualified professionals to do the work of creating our built environment. While much of our workforce ages and prepares to retire, ensuring a solid pipeline of new talent becomes critical to the future of the industry. Without craft professionals, the future may never be built.

C3 is working with educational partners, community organizations, and chambers of commerce to identify ways to increase awareness of construction as a viable career option. Awareness is the entry ticket to employment. We should always remember that if future employees can't see us; they will never know they want to be us. Helping future job seekers to understand the wide range of opportunities available in construction is key to attracting them to join our ranks. In reality, there is little C3 can do to increase awareness without our partnership with each of your companies. We can talk about the industry and share information about careers but creating a pipeline of future builders takes a united effort from us all.

The C3 mission is so much bigger than just attraction. It is retention and safety and creating sustainability for those that we invite into our ranks. Construction Career Collaborative and affiliated partners are dedicated to solving our workforce problems today so that tomorrow's future is secured. If you aren't active with this piece of our mission, let me encourage you to join us for a few minutes on November 12th at our Virtual Career Awareness Day. See what the future can hold for you and how we are actively working to make sure your workforce pipeline is stronger tomorrow than it is today. Email me at angela@c3.org for details.