A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Construction Market Outlook and Strategic Thinking Tools with Pat Kiley and Candace Hernandez

Kiley Advisors 2012 Fall Briefing attendees received a comprehensive update on what's happening in construction from Pat Kiley himself and the co-founder of his firm, Candace Hernandez.  Kiley told the crowd of executives that the economy is getting ready to really take off once again.  “We are pretty much bouncing on the bottom, for the size of an economy that we are,” Kiley said.  He stressed the importance of creating a sustainable workforce.  “By working with vehicles like Construction Citizen and the Construction Career Collaborative (C3), we can reclaim our workforce,” he said.

Hernandez, a breakout star of the conference, stressed that companies that are successful going forward will be the ones that can maintain consistency and simplicity at their core.

Watch the following 13½ minute video of Kiley’s presentation, and check out Hernandez’s presentation in the first part of the video in the next post, just before Joe Synan’s presentation begins.

Note: The slides used during this presentation may be viewed in the attachment below.

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