A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Setting Yourself Up For Success


What do you define as success? Is it getting that title of management? That promotion that makes you feel like you have reached the top of the mountain? Or is it making enough money to have your family live comfortably? Not having to worry about the necessities in life such as utilities being paid or having a roof over your head? Whatever your definition of success is, the question arises, “Are you set up for success?” Have you put yourself in a position to reach your goals? Some people will tell you that you are lucky, but, in reality, one has to put in the work to be successful.

So, how does this tie in to your career? Whether you are in a steady job, or in between jobs, or just trying to get your foot in the door, success is not an accident. Currently, with oil prices falling rapidly, the job market has become even more competitive than it has ever been. You simply cannot rely on previous experiences; you must evolve. You must attain the necessary certifications, degrees, and references. You must have be open to a change of scenery.

ADAPTABILITY - The wonderful aspect of being a craft professional is that you are not held down to working in one industry. There are many options out there. You can take your talents to other industries such as hospitals and government jobs (cities or the transportation field). These places always need electricians, welders, safety techs, instrument techs, etc.

CERTIFICATES - Are you keeping up to date with the necessary certificates or licenses that you need in order for you to do your job? Granted, a lot of companies will send you out to get specific certifications such as the OSHA Basic Plus, but what better way to get ahead of the game than to actually go out and get them yourself? NCCER certifications are a big plus to your resume as well. There are numerous locations and colleges that can assist you in obtaining the training information depending on your craft. Speaking of colleges, a two year degree can be extremely beneficial in obtaining a job in your craft or field.

POSITIVE MINDSET - Being in between jobs can be tough and stressful. A lot of energy can be wasted negatively if you do not keep yourself busy. When I was between jobs, to keep myself positive and effective, I continued my schooling, attended a NCCER electrical class, and continued to network with others. We pushed each other up and kept each other going and worked as a team, even though we all had different backgrounds. I found if I didn’t keep myself busy I would get negative and get others around me negative as well. At that point, I would have been worthless and would have had to get myself out of that funk.

Success is not an accident. It takes work, sacrifice, and time. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people, make yourself marketable, and get yourself hired with your resume and attitude. Instead of sitting at home googling things that won’t further your furture, google your local safety council and your local community colleges. Search for all the various companies that are looking for people like you, and make your goals happen.