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Check this safety site out: Unsafe TV.  It is a blog by Fiona Burke that takes a critical approach to the DIY (Do It Yourself) world of home remodeling.  The Caution sign on the site warns:

Don't try this at home!
(Or on the job site, for that matter!)
Just because you see it on TV does not mean it's a good, or safe, or smart work practice.

One of her recent posts, “In Full Swing”, refers to an episode of “Room Crashers” with a guy taking down a wall in a house by climbing on it with no safety gear and in a way that could have landed him in an episode of ER.

This site might become a classic and will surely make you think before you climb the ladder on your next DIY job at home or in the yard.


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If people could wear the Protective clothing that they needed that would help a lot. There are Protective Clothing such as Disposable Coveralls, Head Socks, Lens Covers, and Goggles.

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I think they made this episode of a man not wearing any PPE to show how good they are at taking down walls and renovating houses. However, they should include a sign at the bottom for kids and nonprofessionals to never try that one at home. Maybe this person has undergone training and has a construction career.

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