A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

ROI Redefined

Hi there.  The Chamberlin Man here.

Company values and good causes are topping the charts of popular corporate initiatives these days.  Guess that makes Chamberlin doubly “en vogue”.  Our longstanding relationship with the Houston nonprofit organization, The WorkFaith Connection, is closely aligned with our company values.

Of course, we aren’t involved to demonstrate how hip we are.  We are involved because it's a cause near and dear to our hearts, with a mission similar to our own.  The ROI (return on investment) has been incredible, although not defined by dollars but by lives changed.  Make sense?

The WorkFaith Connection is devoted to empowering men and women to find and keep meaningful full-time employment through a faith-based, comprehensive job readiness training and support program.  Chamberlin CEO, John Kafka, serves on the Board of Directors, and the company has hired a number of the program's graduates.  They have proven valuable assets to our team.

Like the WorkFaith Connection, Chamberlin aspires to develop a workforce with comprehensive training and inspire pride in a day's work, through knowledge and our culture.  Matter of fact, our education program, Chamberlin University, is based on the principle that from knowledge and preparation comes ownership in a job well done.

People are an investment, and being a positive part of a person's story is part of our work as an employer.  The “return” on that kind of effort is paid back in spades.  Investment in our team is a huge part of what distinguishes our work from competing firms.  We are putting knowledgeable teams that genuinely care about the work they do on job sites.  That's making a difference!

Learn more about The WorkFaith Connection in the 6-minute video below.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.


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