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Repair, Restore, Renew: It’s What We Do

Hi there. The Chamberlin Man here.

As you know, time, weather, pollution, corrosion and general use cause buildings and parking garages to show visible signs of their age and ultimately prompt owners and managers to seek restoration and repair services. Parking garages are in a class by themselves because of the wear and tear generated by the structural load and movement due to vehicular traffic and weather changes. The Chamberlin team are aces when it comes to parking garage remedies.

You know what else we specialize in? Proactive maintenance that can save a boat load of money and ultimately increase the lifespan of a building or parking structure. Like anything else, the longer you let something go, the more it is liable to cost you. Let it go too long, and a would-be routine repair can easily turn into an expensive, full-blown restoration project. Know what? I'm not braggin', but we can help ya with that, too.

Whatever phase of restoration you need, on whatever kind of structure, Chamberlin’s scope of services has you covered – even for historical buildings. Take a glance at some of our notable renovation work by clicking the links below. You may recognize a few places.

Multi-Million Dollar Face-Lift Raises Eyebrows at Kirby Towers

Chamberlin Razes the Roof to Provide Additional Parking

White Rock Lake Pump Station: A Texas Preservation Story

$2 Million Waterproofing & Concrete Restoration Project Adds Value for Owner and Tenants

Check out the neat video below about a hefty parking garage renovation for a well-known Fortune 100 company in Houston, TX.

If you are curious 'bout everything we do, a complete listing of our scope of services is available at chamberlinltd.com.

If we can be of service or you have questions, give us a ring at 800-749-1432 or drop us a line.

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