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First PLAs and Now Political Contribution Disclosure for Contractors on Federal Contracts. What’s going on?

A draft executive order was released from the White House that will require contractors bidding for federal work to disclose every political contribution that the directors, owners and officers have made before they would be considered for the projects.

Let’s see, does that smell a little fishy to you?  Well, it does to me.

We already know that the White House can issue executive orders that can turn our industry upside down.  We saw it in the executive order on PLAs that favored the labor unions on Federal projects.  This one is even more political and holds the possibility that if you didn’t contribute to a certain party or candidate, you would not be considered for Federal projects.

If issued by the President, it holds the potential for creating enough damage to the industry that even some Dems are lining up against it by sending letters to the President.  Keep in mind that there are no votes in Congress on Executive orders.  They are mandates from the President.

You can read some of the background on it at The Hill.com.

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