A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Plaza Decks Training

An important aspect of Chamberlin’s quality initiative is Chamberlin University. Chamberlin ‘U’ was conceived and developed in 2006 and implemented as part of our strategy to prepare Chamberlin for the future by earnestly training and educating our own workforce. Chamberlin has graduated hundreds of craft workers and superintendents from the course and invested thousands of hours in Chamberlin University-specific training and education.


A recent Chamberlin University waterproofing apprenticeship training was conducted in our Houston office. The course was focusing on plaza decks which included hot applied, cold applied and paver systems. We appreciate Wausau coming out to teach our apprentices on their new hidden lockdown system pavers. The following attended the course and received their Level I Certification in hot and cold applied waterproofing:

Mario Walle

Gonzalo Mendoza

 Albert Lawless

Henry Martinez

Kevin Cedillo

 Lisa Kennedy

Arturo Crespo

Miguel Reyes

 Marco Sanchez

Richard Mateos