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PIP Launches Cut Risk Hazard Matrix Glove Selector

Selecting the correct glove to use in a particular application doesn’t have to be difficult.  This decision has been made easier by Protective Industrial Products (PIP) with its CUT Risk Hazard Matrix™ glove selector with ACTIVE SLIDER™.

The CUT Risk Hazard Matrix™ helps guide in the selection of a glove with the right cut-resistant material and cut score.

To select a glove, use the red handle to determine the current task’s Force and Sharpness factor. Toggle the switch (below) to show real-world tasks that are plotted as a guide.

According to the PIP website, “This is a unique and logical method to selecting a glove or sleeve with the right cut-resistant material and score. Once a safety manager can identify where their application fits on the Cut Rusk Hazard Matrix, they can more confidently correlate the task to the glove or sleeve best suited for their job.”


1. Assess the EDGE SHARPNESS with “Rough” equating to the edge of a brick and “Razor” to that of a sharp knife.

2. Determine the FORCE exerted during the application. Tasks such as deboning large animals require a higher degree of force than using box cutters in a repacking operation.

3. DRAG THE CIRCLE to the point where the assessed numbers intersect. This is the CRH: Factor.

4. CLICK THE CIRCLE to proceed.

CAUTION: This PIP guide is provided as ONLY an aid in determining the general suitability of various products for use in cut protection applications. These recommendations are advisory only and the SUITABILITY OF THE PRODUCT FOR A SPECIFIC APPLICATION OR ENVIRONMENT MUST BE DETERMINED BY THE PURCHASER OR USER OF THE PRODUCT. The CUT Risk Hazard Matrix™ glove selector should be used as a guide only.

To learn more about PIP gloves or other PIP products, please contact a UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or in College Station at 979-731-8665