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Kiley Advisors 2012 Fall Briefing Conclusion

Pat Kiley’s closing remarks:

“Our purpose this morning was simply to say that I think we are on the cusp of change; that we can break our strategic mindset of “just surviving” to how do we start growing again, thriving again.  Maybe there’s the opportunity in the next 3 to 5 years (maybe sooner) to begin to rebuild back the return on risk that ought to be available to companies in this industry. 

“And there certainly is not only the opportunity, but the obligation, if we’re going to stay around, to return construction craftwork as an honorable career. 

“We’re going to be competing with the energy companies.  If manufacturing picks up – and shale gas will probably permit it to be back in the United States – we’re going to be competing with – we want people “good with their head and hands” just like everybody else.  So, we’ve got big challenges.  I think one of the things pointed out is that “share of market” is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  It’s “share of margin”, and the interaction of the forces creates margin, and how do we get our share of margin?”

Watch the 1½ minute video below.

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