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Parkland Pride: Five Million Man-hours is Nothing to Sneeze At

Hi there.  The Chamberlin Man here.

Chamberlin is proud to have recently been part of the construction team on the Parkland Hospital project in Dallas, Texas – the largest single-phase public healthcare project in the country.  Take that in for a second.

To get the job done, Joint Venture General Contractors, BARA – made up of Balfour Beatty Construction, Austin Commercial, H.J. Russell & Company and Azteca Enterprises – implemented a “collaborative project delivery” process involving numerous mockups and feedback from hundreds of physicians, clinicians and technicians to solve technical problems and promote workflow.  Of course, construction also required an army of subcontractors.  As a matter of fact, the building of the $1.27 billion hospital required five million man-hours.

Chamberlin's scope of work on this colossal undertaking included $1.25 million of caulking, air barrier, flashing and wall insulation.  The scale of even our relatively small piece of the overall project is best illustrated by the massive amount of materials installed.  Chamberlin crews applied approximately 1,755 eight-ounce glasses of liquid sealant on the building exterior and 6.4 acres of air barrier – a total of 12,636 gallons of material!

When the LEED Gold Certified hospital opens in late August it will house 862 private adult beds and 96 neonatal ICU beds.  Thirty thousand visitors will stream through the hospital daily and 140,000 people will seek care there each year.  An estimated 16,000 babies will be born in the Parkland Hospital maternity ward annually.  Pretty nifty, if we do say so ourselves.

The Parkland project is certainly one we're proud to have been a part of.  It's one that will not soon be forgotten by anyone involved.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.