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One Park Place and Harvey Builders – Advancing Houston

Central Houston, the key management and economic development organization for the Central Business District of Houston, at its annual luncheon, presented the Allen Brothers Award to One Park Place, a high rise multifamily development built in the Houston Center/ Convention Center area.

The award recognizes those developments and individuals who have made a major contribution to the future of Houston and commemorates the two brothers who were the promoters of the original township of Houston.   John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen traveled to New York and Europe to sell land to potential residents and investors in the early days of Houston.

One Park Place, the first-high rise residential building to be constructed in downtown Houston in 40 years (that is not a typo) is a 37 floor, 346 unit 497,677 square foot building located facing Discovery Green, the new 15 acre downtown park.

The building, its parking and retail facilities were built by a team led by General Contractor DE Harvey Builders of Houston for the developer, the Finger Companies.  It is only one of several new high rise buildings in the Central Business District of Houston.

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