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Everyone knows Ground Zero.  Everyone remembers the horror of 911.  Construction teams and first responders arrived before the smoke had cleared.  Construction workers searched the site after the collapse.  Construction workers cleared the site and then combed through the debris looking for the remains of the thousands of people who died that day.  Construction workers helped strategize with the planners and the Silverstein Properties who have worked for the last 9 years on a plan to rebuild the site in an appropriate way that respects the people who lost friends and families that day.  Now the six new buildings are being erected at the site by an amazing team of construction professionals.

Fox News is reporting on the progress all this week and you can see some of the designs, the 7 levels below grade, the park where the first of 400 trees were placed over Labor Day and the progress on the new buildings that are rising from the site.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

These projects are a great tribute to those who died on 911 and it is an amazing tribute to the construction workers who were there that fateful day and who are rebuilding the memorial, museum, transit station and office buildings at the site today.


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