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National Day of Action Against Wage Theft

This Thursday, November 18 there will be events across the United States to focus attention on the national epidemic of wage theft, as Interfaith Worker Justice has called for a National Day of Action.  The date is one week before Thanksgiving, a time when we often celebrate the things we are thankful for with feasts and fellowship, but workers who have not been paid what they are owed may struggle to provide for their families and may find it hard to celebrate.  Interfaith Worker Justice helps local religious communities work with labor groups throughout the year to fight wage theft which is far too common, especially against low-wage workers.  They have put together the following video to explain just how widespread this problem is and what is being done to eliminate it:

Events are planned in several cities and range from bus tours of unethical businesses to prayer vigils.  To find an event in your area, sign a petition to help stop wage theft or to learn about other ways you can help, visit the Interfaith Worker Justice website.

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