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Misperception of the Construction Trades as a Career is a Global Issue

A recent study prepared by NRG Research for the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia (ICBA) reveals that 59% of the respondents were unaware of how to get into the trades because of misperceptions of the construction trades.  The study also showed that less than 50% of the respondents saw the construction trades as a long-term career.

Most of the respondents (British Columbians aged 18-29 years old) ranked construction jobs and skilled trades at the bottom of the list of possible jobs.  The study concluded that the industry has not done a good job of defining a road map for careers in the skilled trades in construction.

The poll, according to Philip Hochstein, president of ICBA, also showed that the top factors for candidates in seeking a crafts trade as a career are: discovering that they love the work, making more money, having job security, and having the opportunity for career advancement.

In summarizing the task ahead, Hochstein said that, “As an industry, we have some work to do to change the way young people perceive skilled trades.  ICBA and the open shop construction industry are rolling up our sleeves to make sure we do.”

As one way to address the looming skilled worker shortages, the ICBA, the single largest sponsor of construction apprentices in British Columbia, and others in the industry are forming a group to address the core issues, the details of which are expected to be announced next year.

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