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Right or Wrong?

When someone tells you a lie are you offended?  Do you wonder whether they feel wrong for telling you a lie?  What makes something of importance right or wrong?  Is the first thing that comes to mind whether the act is legal or not?  While the laws of the United States, our state or some other governmental agency are certainly an indicator of right and wrong, our laws only represent a majority opinion of our society at a particular moment in time for a limited number of issues.  Was the lie illegal or just offensive to you and your values?  And if no laws were broken did you attempt to make a self determination of whether the act of telling the lie was right or wrong?  If so, then you are on your way to obtaining an ethical mind which will lead to ethical acts.  

Matters of importance should be decided in a constant matter among humanity.  Our society could not function if lying were a fabric of our society.  Business, government and life would become impossible and pointless if lying was acceptable.  Humans are born with a conscience that is preprogrammed to comprehend right from wrong including lying – a conscience that determines that matters of importance cannot ever be subjected to a lie.

Just as our bodies need food, water and oxygen to survive, so too does our mind need to be informed and challenged in order to ascertain the certain truths about life and humanity.  These are objective truths, discovered, not invented, just as man discovered that 2+2=4 or the workings of an atom or that the earth orbits the sun.  Humans did not invent these truths and humans cannot alter them.

Ethics are principles that certain groups in our society agree upon such as doctors, lawyers and accountants in order to fix certain truths in their respective fields.  The construction industry needs to establish principles to eliminate worker misclassification.  Misclassification hides the true nature of an employee’s relationship with an employer.  Misclassification leads to devaluing our business, government and individuals’ livelihoods, safety, and health.

Do you agree?


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