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The McKinsey “7”: A Strategic Analytical Framework with Joe Synan

Kiley Advisors 2012 Fall Briefing wrapped up with Joe Synan challenging executives on how to keep their companies in balance using “The McKinsey 7”.  The seven S's are Superordinate Goals, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, “Staffing”, and Skills.  Synan stated:

“An effective organization is not necessarily the one that has the best strategies or skill set.  The best organization is the one that has the most balance.”

He said companies need to identify why they are in the markets they are in and not take for granted they'll always be in those markets.

Check out the 13 minute, 13 minute, and 6½ minute videos below for Synan's insights.

Note: The slides used during this presentation may be viewed in the attachment below.

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