A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Learning is a Choice

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice."

Brian Herbert

I love to learn and by love I mean I am addicted to learning! As a high schooler, a teacher compared our brains to plants. If we put a plant in a closet and deny it water and light it will die - the same is true with us when we stop learning. This is why when given the choice to learn something new I am always trying to be first in line.

Early on in my career I thought I could figure out all the important stuff all by myself and learning was a self paced and self guided adventure. I'll just say that I was in my twenties and hadn't yet realized that I didn't know everything and there was so much that a cohort group could teach me. Now a few decades later and that much wiser, I am grateful for the groups that help me foster my learning. I find these groups challenge the way I think about things and put perspective in my thought process. They definitely make me a better advisor to Construction Career Collaborative and a better advocate for the craft workforce talent pipeline.

So where do I go to find learning groups and catch up on the latest advances in workforce? I am part of many different organizations that focus on talent management and they host peer groups and lunch and learns. These are wonderful places for quick learning and building my cohort of experts. Those experts quite often are the first call I make when I need help solving a problem or finding a resource.

While my peer groups and quick classes are wonderful they don't ever come close to the learning that happens in a full day immersive conference. Things happen differently at conferences because they include experts but also time to reflect in groups and discuss. The best ideas in my life have most often come through the discussion. Which is why I wanted to focus on creating this opportunity for our Accredited Employers and partners. It is why we are so excited about the Workforce Development Conference this year. It is just a few weeks away and I know many of you haven't completed that sign up process. Don't miss the chance to hear about what we can do to impact the engagement of our workforce, increase our diversity, and create greater retention in our workforce. And when you we finish the conference we will have the first ever C3 Networking Event.

Please think about joining us to celebrate the progress the last decade has seen and begin to work toward the C3 of the future. Water that brain of yours and then sidle up to the watering hole with us.



Angela Robbins Taylor
Executive Director
Construction Career Collaborative