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BIM – The Industry Changes

Building Information Modeling or BIM is being used by architects, engineers and contractors around the US and even around the world to create new and exciting buildings.  BIM is a way to virtually construct a proposed building in order to avoid conflicts among the various spatial, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The avoidance of systems conflicts and the delays that would follow on site during construction are key to the successful completion of a project for the owners and users. The use of BIM is a way to hold down costs, create building efficiencies, value engineer designs and try various options for the construction sequencing.
Many owners and contractors are routinely requiring BIM as a part of the construction process and the lifecycle management of complex buildings and systems.  Contractors and subs are responding and, in the process, beginning to redefine the entire construction process.  Several software companies like Autodesk’s Revit incorporate BIM as part of their systems.

McGraw Hill and ten other construction associations are currently surveying the industry to determine the current ways that BIM is being utilized.  You can go to McGraw-Hill’s Green BIM Survey to take the survey.  You can download an earlier survey and introduction at SmartMarket Report on BIM.

Construction citizen will report on the results of the new survey as soon as they are released.

What lessons are you learning from the BIM process?

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