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Know Your Powder Load Before You Start

Knowing the powder load necessary to install particular objects or complete a job is a necessity for using powder-actuated tools. It is also required by federal law for tool operators to be trained and qualified to work with powder-actuated tools.

It is vitally important to become familiar with the color-coded powder-actuated power load charts before working with these important and powerful tools.

  • The powder load power level is color-coded and marked by a load number.
  • As the number increases, so does the powder power level.
  • The lowest level is colored grey, next brown, green, yellow and red and the highest powder level is purple.

Ramset has a long line of a gas and powder-actuated tools for metal framing, electrical/mechanical work, exterior sheathing, insulation, wood framing, and walls and ceilings in addition to acoustical or overhead work.

Ramset powder loads and tools match tolerances to provide optimum power within recognized national velocity standards. Ramset powder-actuated tools are available in color-coded, single-shot, 10-shot strips and 10-shot discs.

The Ramset website cautions all users to “test-fasten with the lowest power level for your tool. If more power is necessary, use the next highest power level until proper level and fastening is achieved”.

More information about powder-actuated tools or becoming trained in working with these specialized tools can be found at www.ramset.com/patlicensing/pat-licensing-course#/course.

To buy or learn about Ramset tools UT&F carries or sells, please contact a local UT&F showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665.