A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

How Well Do Your Employees Communicate?

For the past few years my company has focused on recruitment and entry level training for our field force.  We have some amazing success stories.  I’ll share some of our programs with you another time.

What has captured my attention lately (and yours as well unless you live under a rock) is the economic outlook for our industry.

I’m a director of workforce development, so my job is to, well, develop the workforce.  So what is my department working on that will impact our ability to compete?


From how well the helper interprets what his journeymen needs in the field, to how effectively the project manager or estimator is able to communicate with our customer and to the superintendent and foreman tasked with executing his plan – communication is the key that unlocks productivity.  Here is a list of some of the ways we accomplish this.

  • Town hall meetings for our office folks to get to know each other and what each other’s role is within the organization
  • Requirement by our up-and-coming foreman to attend a seminar on customer relationships…lead by our customers!
  • On-boarding sessions for our helpers with pizza and informal discussions.   We cover various topics from understanding the structure of the construction industry and how they impact the way we do business to, “Who the heck is FICA and why does he get part of my paycheck?”
  • Peer group sessions for field supervisors so they are able to mentor each other on best practices and provide a support system for each other as they move up our career path

To be competitive in this business environment, we must be in a constant state of improvement.  The ability to effectively communicate with our customers, vendors, and co-workers is vital for us to not just survive, but thrive.

If you have some ideas on ways to improve communication, please share them with us.

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