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Journeyman to Directors, Crane Institute of America Offers New Crane and Rigging Training Courses for all Skill Levels

Crane Institute of America has long focused on providing technical training for equipment operators and riggers, but as American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards have evolved, placing greater emphasis on the responsibilities of other crew members, Crane Institute has expanded its available training programs.

“There is an increasing need for formal training for other crew members, such as Assembly/Disassembly Directors, Lift Directors, Master Riggers, and Site Supervisors,” said Jim Headley, President of Crane Institute.

The newest training program to join Crane Institute’s Management Training Curriculum is the four-day Lift Director/Lift Planner course.  The first open-enrollment classes will be held March 9-12 at Crane Institute’s headquarters in Sanford, Florida.

The course identifies the responsibilities of the people involved in the lift and outlines ASME and OSHA requirements for Lift Directors, including Site Supervisor responsibilities, and Lift Planners.  Among the topics covered are pre-lift requirements, avoiding hazards, special lifting operations, and how to plan a lift from start to finish.

Among the materials attendees will receive are a lift director/lift planner workbook, a mobile crane lift planning form, and two handbooks – Mobile Cranes and Rigging.

Journeyman and Master Riggers

In addition, Crane Institute is in the process of updating its rigger training programs to ensure that the Rigger/Signalperson program is on a Journeyman level.  The course will remain a two-day class.  Likewise, the Advanced Rigger program is undergoing a name change to Master Rigger, which currently covers inspection, moving loads vertically, horizontally, and up inclines, determining load weight, calculating sling loads, and multi-crane lifts.  “Both the Rigger/Signalperson and Master Rigger programs are designed to meet corporate and municipal requirements,” said Headley.  Students will have the option to conclude the course by taking applicable Crane Institute Certification (CIC) exams.

About Crane Institute

For almost 30 years Crane Institute of America, Sanford, Florida, has offered training for operators, inspectors, safety managers, lift directors, and riggers and signalpersons working with mobile cranes, overhead cranes, tower cranes, aerial lift and forklifts.  It is an authorized CIC written and practical exam testing site.  For information, visit www.craneinstitute.com.