A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Job Security? In the Construction Industry? You Must Be Kidding.

“The Job is complete and you did a great job, but because of the economy and no new projects, we don’t have another assignment for you right now so you are on your own. We’re sorry and really want to thank you for making the project a success. We will give you a great referral letter.”

“Day is over and here is your cash as we agreed. No taxes taken out of a check so the $10 per hour is actually higher since we didn’t deduct taxes (or 401k or provide any protection for you and your family.)”

Those are just two scenarios that are becoming all too common in this economy and in this industry. But there are signs that the courts and the concerned public are beginning to take note.  Recently in Georgia, the Marietta Daily Journal reported the results of an undercover effort which disclosed that the latter practice was actually being used on the new Cobb County Courthouse being built there.

But there is another side of the Industry. There are contractors and subs that believe that their companies should be sustainable and that the future securities of their workers and their families are critical to the future delivery of top quality work for their clients and customers. They provide full benefits for all of their employees regardless of the state of the economy. They know that the security of their workforce means added value for their companies and clients.

Owners across all types of projects who deliver top quality projects and who believe in sustainability are beginning to demand that the general contractors and subs who work on their projects do the same.  As the economy recovers from the recession we think that an increasing number of owners, contractors and subs will commit to the security and sustainability of the workforce and the industry.

Those companies who do will survive the long tail of the recession, the 27% unemployment numbers, and will emerge at the turn around with a solid, proven, sustainable workforce, bringing real quality to the owners across the board.

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