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Jessica Minh Anh Combines Art, Architecture, Culture and Fashion in New York

Construction Citizen has followed model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh's unique presentation of high fashion and architecture as part of its panorama of the construction industry. In June 2014, J Model Management made history by turning America's tallest skyscraper and new symbol of hope, One World Trade Center, into a sky high catwalk. The fashion show was hosted on the 63rd floor of the newly built iconic tower. Next week, Construction Citizen will be present for the action as the global fashion sensation transforms the Hudson River's giant glass boat into a 100-meter floating runway.

Guests will be seated facing the multi-faceted glass window and watch models walking in front of them using the river as their runway. Thanks to the panoramic view from the boat, New York's famous skyline and its architectural and construction masterpieces such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and One World Trade Center, will be the iconic backdrop for the sensational catwalk. Jessica Minh Anh's catwalks are more than just a fashion presentation, as "they combine art, architecture, culture, and fashion".

Watch for photographs and coverage of the event on ConstructionCitizen.com.

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