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Introducing C3's New Safety Modules

The C3 Safety Committee is constantly brainstorming and finding new ways we can improve safety on all our projects. Besides OSHA 10 or 30 certifications being required by every craftworker on a C3 project, our second biggest contributor to safety would be our monthly safety modules. These serve as refreshers for certain topics that are covered in the OSHA 10 course. The current process is since there are 12 safety modules, there is one module topic to be discussed per month. After further collaboration with the C3 Safety Committee, we have decided more topics need to be addressed as they are prevalent on every project. The added topics for the monthly safety modules consist of

·       Housekeeping

·       Competent Person

·       Respirable Crystalline Silica

This brings the safety modules to a total of 15. The new process moving forward is that eight of the 15 are marked as mandatory and the remaining seven will be up to the General Contractor to decide which topics they want to discuss for the other four months of the year. The Safety Committee agreed that the eight mandatory topics were more important and would always be found on a project through every stage. The remaining seven could possibly not be a hazard on a project given a specific project’s stage in completion. This updated process for the safety modules does change the way monthly metrics are submitted so the new form and website submission will reflect these changes. The new safety module process will begin on 9/1/22 and C3 will notify contractors about the process. The C3 Safety Committee is constantly trying to find new ways to keep our projects safer so look out for any other changes that we have in store!


Daniel Mancias
Compliance Administrator