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How Do You Build a Cloud?

According to an article in Constructech, you take a look at the new cloud that Microsoft has built.  “Whenever a big company like Microsoft or Google enters the picture, people tend to mark its arrival as ‘legitimizing’ the situation.”  The arrival of Microsoft 365 this summer has begun to hit the construction industry as contractors begin to use it and the other Microsoft software like Excel to track their projects.  “Microsoft Office 365 brings together Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online, delivered via a cloud service.”  While it isn’t construction industry specific, it is being looked at seriously by contractors around the world.

The construction industry needs to look closely at the advantages that the cloud can bring to the jobsite and ways to better deliver their services to the client through technology.  We might still build 2 inches at a time, but now we can keep track of which 2 inches we worked on and where they went on the jobsite.

How are you using the cloud in your business and have you taken a look at the cloud that is being built for the construction industry?

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