A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Houston Suffers Job Loss Due To COVID-19; A Case For Upskilling

Houston has experienced significant disruption to its labor economy due to the COVID-19.

Last week, Parker Harvey, principal economist for the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, appeared as a guest on the UpSkill Works Forum Series and discussed his observations on the unprecedented unemployment figures, employment indicators, and ways in which the region’s workforce can set itself up for recovery. The Forum was hosted by UpSkill Houston's Peter Beard.

Read a recap of the discussion here. Watch a recording here.

The UpSkill Works Forum Series presents interviews with business and community leaders, policymakers and leading thinkers on the key workforce issues our region confronts.

The series continues today, May 6th at 2 p.m. with a conversation around how employers can identify the skills that drive success from an organizational perspective and how we can help individuals identify and attain jobs matched to their individual skill sets. Guests include:

  • Greg Hambrick, co-founder and CEO of Fast Forward Works
  • Dr. Fred Oswald, professor and director of Graduate Studies at Rice University School of Social Science
  • Mandy Williams, managing partner, aka "Black," of RED+BLACK 

Learn more and register here.