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Houston College Adds “Art Welding” To Its Curriculum

Houston ABC news affiliate KTRK reported this afternoon about a new program which will be offered in the fall at San Jacinto College North Campus in northeast Houston.  The school already has a large, successful program in welding technology, but now plans to add “art welding” to the program.

In the following video, reporter Deborah Wrigley visits the welding lab on campus to learn more.  She talks with Carol Scheier who is training for her third career after formerly working as a medical sales representative and as a remodeler.  She also spoke with the department chair Eddie Foster, who is a 2nd generation welder and to adjunct instructor Emily Akins who is not only a welder, but is also an artist.  Akins explains that it is hoped that the program will be “a way to get more non-traditional welders into the college”.

San Jacinto College offers training in other craft trades including air conditioning technology, electrical technology, drafting, and process technology.

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