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Houston-Area Competitors Gear Up for the 2016 National Craft Championships

The ABC National Craft Championships event is the largest of its kind. Craft Competitors from all over the country meet in one place in a two-day rigorous competition to find out who has the best skills and what chapter has the best training programs. Pictured here are five of the eight competitors represented by CMEF, the training affiliate of ABC Greater Houston.

CMEF is bringing back a gold medalist from last year’s Structural Welding Competition, who will be competing in the Pipe Welding Competition this year. Brandon Moore, employed by Jacobs, is expected to do great things. Also pictured, are two high school students, cosponsored by Performance Contractors. These two 17-year-old seniors are taking welding courses at local Junior Colleges and training during the day in their high school training program sponsored by CMEF.

ABC Greater Houston/CMEF are sending 8 total competitors who are all employed and/or cosponsored by either KBR, Performance Contractors, or Jacobs. They met at CMEF on Thursday, February 25th for their last briefing before they hit the skies on their way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the Craft Championship.

We wish them the best of luck!