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Holes Incorporated Credits Employees and Best Practices to Their Success at 50th Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday, September 22nd, Holes Incorporated celebrated their 50th year in business, surrounded by team members, clients, and industry peers.  During the open house, guests were treated to a catered meal, drinks, give-a-ways, and prizes to commemorate the company’s special milestone.  In her remarks to the group, Darlene East, CEO and President, acknowledged the company’s employees as central to their success.

"All of our success comes from the dedicated Holes, Inc. employees, many of whom have been with us well over two and three decades...  We have one employee who has been with us for forty years... and that's because Holes is always focused on our employees, trying to provide first in class benefits, with the help of Adams, and a lot of craft and safety training. We love to get fresh faces and teach them everything they need to know... that's a critical part of our success," she said.

It was an especially touching celebration that brought two generations of women leaders together to reflect over the last 50 years. Leading the celebration were Darlene East, Kellie Kimball, Holes’ VP of Safety Operations, along with their mother, original co-founder, Susan Hollingsworth.

“When our mom and dad started Holes Incorporated five decades ago, I am sure they could not have imagined the growth and success the company would experience over the years. Much of that success can be attributed to our employees, many of whom have been with us for decades.  I believe our employee longevity speaks to the culture of our company.” said East.

Founded in 1972, Holes Incorporated has become known as the leader in state-of-the-art concrete cutting, sawing, drilling, scanning, lift out, load and haul, and pour back services.  Holes Incorporated has participated in projects all over the world, even traveling as far as South Africa to help a client execute their project.

As a women-owned business, Holes Incorporated knows the value of their employees, implementing stringent safety measures on all jobs. 

“We actively encourage our employees to stop work if they see that any project poses a danger or hazard. We owe it to our employees, their families, and loved ones to maintain safe jobsites,” stated Kimball. 

OSHA training, professional development, safety training, and craft training are a top priority for all employees, along with skills growth.   

With these employee-focused practices and with values such as those painted in large letters on their office wall, it is understandable why Holes Incorporated sustained their thriving business for 50 years.


Video:  Jeffrey Nielsen, President of Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston, Introduces Darlene East, CEO and President of Holes, Inc., who addresses the attendees at their 50th Anniversary Celebration.

A team photo at the Holes Inc. 50th Anniversary Celebration:

Picture: John Stautner, Founder of ConstructionCitizen.com and CEO, ETSZONE, wins a door prize at the Holes, Inc. 50th Anniversary Celebration.