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Heavy Equipment Power and Precision [VIDEO]

Highly-skilled Heavy Equipment Operators, performing their duties on the job, make the equipment they operate an extension of themselves. Instead of over-thinking which levers to pull, what responses could occur and how to mitigate risk while remaining efficient, skilled operators develop an awareness about their machines which allows them to gracefully operate with confidence.

Due to the grace and skill of many experienced Heavy Equipment Operators, onlookers may not be familiar with the strength, power and precision these machines possess. The capabilities of heavy equipment are awe-inspiring but can only be properly demonstrated by well-trained, fully competent operators.

The following two videos feature highly-skilled excavator operators demonstrating their equipment’s capabilities. The first video emphasizes finesse and poise, while the second video reveals the machine's power and the operator’s confidence in the equipment.


Skip to the 3:00 mark in the video below to get right to the action!

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