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Healthcare Just in Time

Will the new 2500 page healthcare bill “level the playing field” for contractors and specialty contractors who bid projects every day in this country?  Yes, and this is how.

The new healthcare bill has a major impact on the construction industry, particularly on those contractors and subcontractors who today do not provide any coverage at all.  The bill requires that you provide medical benefits for your workforce or incur penalties of up to $2,000 per employee for not doing so.

We have previously talked about the complexity of the new healthcare bill and we thought that you should have a timeline of the implementation of the major parts of the bill so that you will know what is coming, when it is coming and how it will impact your construction business and your bidding over the next decade.  We found this timeline on the Visual Economics website that shows the 10 year implementation plan to help you start making your own long range plans for your employees.  Major changes will occur each year for the next decade except in 2012, the next presidential election year.

The healthcare bill will help to “level the playing field” for those responsible owners, contractors and specialty contractors, but that is just one part of a list of items that need to be addressed soon.  Among them are: misclassification, wage theft, and the passage of a sensible immigration law.  The healthcare changes will begin that process.

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