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Has the Economy Diminished Your Company’s Training Program?

Is the Economy impacting your training and development budget?  In a recent survey conducted by Metri-Mark, Inc., 55% of training managers responded that due to the recent economic climate their companies have reduced their training budget, and 25% reported a shift in the overall focus of their company.  The good news was the 31% who reported no significant changes due to the economy.

Even the most responsible of construction companies are feeling pressure to find ways to bid work below their competitors.  The temptation is there to let someone else worry about training the construction craft workforce and leave recruiting new folks into the industry to the next guy.  Our company is certainly feeling the squeeze and a few folks in our training department are filling dual roles, but we persevere and recognize that our efforts during these challenging times will define us in the future.  We intend to be fully prepared by having established relationships that lead to recruiting the right candidates, a program to integrate them into our organization, the skills training to provide support for their career growth, and the means to validate and provide continuous improvement on our performance.

How is your company coping with the tension between the squeeze in the economy and the need for continued skills training?  Let us hear from you!  (write to blogger@constructioncitizen.com)

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