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Google Comes to Texas with its Driverless Cars

Google is bringing its “driverless cars” to I-35 this week in a bold move to convince Texas Legislators to look to the future and to consider how we might accommodate “driverless” cars on the roads of Texas.

The possibility of “driverless” cars and trucks (they are guided by their GPS and equipment) on the roads of Texas is both scary and exciting. Scary in that we cherish our cars and the way we can drive them. Exciting in that we can reduce deaths on our highways and, faced with a longstanding shortage of funding not only to build new roads, but also maintain the ones we have, this technological change might present one of the possible solutions.

Google has already driven over 200,000 miles with their “driverless cars” on the streets and highways of California and Nevada. Both of those states are leading the process of making these cars street legal right now.

This is a major opportunity for Governor Perry to take a long hard look at the vision that Google has created and is presenting for Texas. 

I wonder how many Legislators will be willing to take a ride tomorrow? The line forms right over here.




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We at BiModal Glideway are offering a driverless car project to coincide with existing alternative driverless programs. Our goal is to producing a safe, efficient and successful alternative transportation system. Take a look at our project on our twitter page @bimodalglideway or on facebook.

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