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Foundation for Casino’s Floating Floor Poured

Construction on the new Isle of Capri Casino in Cape Girardeau, Missouri continues this week as  Delta Companies Inc began pouring the massive concrete “swimming pool” which will lie beneath the casino floor.  Missouri law only allows casino gambling on certain types of licensed excursion boats; therefore the gaming floor of the resort will be constructed on a “barge” which will float in water two feet deep.

An article in the newspaper Southeast Missourian by Melissa Miller reveals the enormity of this concrete job.  Jason Barber, account representative with Delta Companies explained:

“To make up the 2,300 cubic yards of concrete needed for the project, Delta Companies used 500 tons of cement, 125 tons of fly ash, 1,500 tons of sand, 2,200 tons of rock and 75,000 gallons of water.  All these materials were purchased from suppliers in Cape Girardeau and Scott counties.”

The article also quotes Richard Meister, Vice President of Design & Construction at Isle of Capri Casinos Inc about the colossal foundation:

"Basically, we're building a swimming pool of roughly 41,000 square feet.  This is the bottom of the pool.  It's a 12-inch slab, but what's significant is it has to be put together in such a fashion and with the right type of concrete so that it doesn't leak."

Guests of the resort will not be able to see the water under the floor, but divers will have to enter the area for regular inspections.

The resort is expected to be completed in 2012.

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