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Explore Pre-Apprenticeship

Authored by James F. Carnes Sr. and originally published as a guest blog on C3.org.

What is a Pre-Apprenticeship Program?
A pre-apprenticeship is a program or set of strategies that are designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). Pre-apprenticeship can be integrated into high school career and technical programs with the help of a contractor who is sponsoring the students.

Consider the Benefits of Pre-Apprenticeship

Save time and money: Pre-Apprenticeship programs provide pre-screened, ready-to-work employees who have been trained in the specific skills employers need. Find partners to help design your program.

Many successful Pre-Apprenticeship programs are housed at high schools and community colleges because they offer hands-on learning opportunities for students. Learn more about how apprenticeship boosts education

Career Seekers
A Pre-Apprenticeship program can help you prepare for the apprenticeship that's right for you. Read more about the federal Pre-Apprenticeship programs YouthBuild and Job Corps or search our Partner Finder to see sponsors that may offer a Pre-Apprenticeship program.

What Creates a Quality Pre-Apprenticeship Program?
Quality pre-apprenticeship programs can play a valuable role in providing work-based learning to help people prepare for an entry-level apprenticeship. While Pre-Apprenticeship programs have varied designs and approaches, the Department of Labor has outlined the elements of a quality pre-apprenticeship program that can place an individual on the potential career pathway to employability.

APPROVED CURRICULUM: Training that is based on industry standards

SIMULATED EXPERIENCE: Hands-on training or volunteer opportunities that do not displace paid employees

FACILITATED ENTRY: Agreements with sponsors that allow program participants to enter directly into an apprenticeship

INCREASED DIVERSITY(Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion): Recruitment and preparation for underrepresented populations to be successful

SUPPORTIVE SERVICES: Wrap-around services or referrals to help participants complete the program (e.g childcare, transportation)

SUSTAINABLE PARTNERSHIPS: Collaboratively promote Registered Apprenticeship to other employers

Case Studies
Believing in the benefits that pre-apprenticeship programs can offer employers, educators, and individuals who are seeking a career change, the Department of Labor has drafted the following real-life case studies to serve as examples of pre-apprenticeships across various industries and occupations and the impact they are having in our communities.

CVS HEALTH - Attracted more diverse candidates, increased efficiency by 50%, and raised retention rates

URBAN TECHNOLOGY PROJECT - Increased employment of disabled workers.

CHICAGO WOMEN IN TRADES - 40% of participants were women and 90% were people of color, exceeding national averages.

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